On October 24 there will not be the guided tour in the greenhouse we use to do on Saturdays.

Welcome to the Sweet Revolution

Thanks for your interest in our association. Through this website we want to share knowledge about medicinal plants and natural therapies to rediscover the treasures that Mother Nature has to cure diseases and to regain our health.

The knowledge and experience that can be read on this site have been chosen to give contrasting information from studies and real cases. In no case, however, this information intended to replace the diagnosis or health professional's recommendations .


Health consultations.

Members can realize all health consultations needed  for themselves and close relatives.

For more information and for a health consultation,--> click here.

Conferences with Josep Pàmies.

Like previous season, Josep Pàmies will make conference's tours around all Spain during next autumn / winter.

All Associations or Entities you to feel motivated to organize any chat in your locality, you can notify it to rgracia1@xtec.cat

We will record all requests and design the route or routes concerned.

Josep Pàmies book is now on sale.


Dulce Revolución demands the marijuana's legalization  for therapeutic purposes  and the  file case against Josep Pàmies.

Alive Plants

Thereafter, the supply of our alive plants will be made directly from the producer and Pamies Vitae online store, where you can access all our current offer and the sum of more than 200 varieties of medicinal plants.

- Direct access to the catalog of plants available is:  http://pamiesvitae.com/es/tienda-online/variedades.html

- In this transition phase, Pamies Vitae provides you the customer's service phone number (+34) 973 451 421 (ext. 2)  to attend orders, from 10:00 to 12:00.