Various ailments resolved with cannabis oil – Madrid

My name is Aurora, I am 63 years old (January 2018) and I live in Tres Cantos (Madrid). I went to see you in the spring of 2016 for a guided tour of the greenhouses and then in the afternoon to attend some workshops. I returned home delighted with everything I had seen and had been able to learn. I had been following (Josep) Pàmies for some time and had seen him when he came to a village in Madrid (province). I have bought your products and followed many of your recommendations.
When I was at your facilities, I heard several testimonials from people who used cannabis oil for different ailments. I started to take it - thanks to your recommendations - when I broke a shoulder and didn’t want to take anti-inflammatories or relaxants. I was able to avoid an operation. When I finished my rehabilitation, which lasted four months, the physiotherapist told me that my recovery had been better than in any other person with the same break, because I hadn’t taken anti-inflammatories.
The dosage I took was the following: I started with 2 drops three times a day, and increased it by one drop every day until I reached 7 drops three times a day. That was during the four months of my rehabilitation. Now I just take 7 drops at night for sleeping, as I suffer from insomnia.
Last September (2017) I started giving it to my mother. She is 90 years old and has the beginnings of dementia. The treatment she was taking gave her tremendous hallucinations, aggression and ill-being we did not know how to alleviate. To our surprise, from the moment she started taking it, they have gradually taken her off the dementia medicines. Now she only has her heart tablet, half a pill for blood pressure and one for sleeping. She has had no more attacks, she is calm and pain free. The dementia has caused her inability to walk. It was years since we saw her so lucid. The best of it all is that it is treatable, something that before was impossible.
The dosage I gave her was the following: she started on two drops three times a day, which we slowly increased to 10 drops three times a day, the amount she is currently taking.

Aurora Carrascal