Uric Acid

My name is Enric and I am 49.

A little more than one year ago I was diagnosed with metabolic sindrome. The first gout attack came when I was 26 years old and I took medication for several years for controlling the uric acid levels, and even though I took stomach protector pills I had to take anti-inflammatories regularly.

I stopped drinking wine and only hearing about beer made me have a new gout attack.

A year and a half ago or maybe a little bit longer, I was advised to try birch infusion and just two day after starting to drink it, I stopped taking the pills. Now my levels of uric acid are still high (10.9) but I have never had another gout attack.

I take the infusions almost everyday, around ½ litter daily. For the infusion I put one tablespoon of birch leaves and I add 6 o 7 chamomila flower for bettering the taste. I don’t follow any timetable to drink them but, as they are diuretic I try to no drink them before going to work. I felt the effectiveness from the first day.

Besides, I have allergy to eggs in my esophagus, which is why I will start taking perilla. I haven’t still bought this plant, but, as well as I am going to do with stevia I am planning to cultivate it in my own greenhouse and provide them to anybody that needs it. I am very aware of how disastrous companies like Montesanto are and how everybody suffers the consequences.

Enrique, December 2014

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