In the year 2000, the European Union financed the REFLEX study on high-frequency electromagnetic pollution within the ranges of mobile telephony and wireless technology:

The results and conclusions were issued in 2004, and the financing was cancelled. The results revealed and proved that radiation through electromagnetic waves on frequencies from 900MHz to 3500MHz, produces breakages in DNA strands via radiation levels far below what is classified as safe, (on other words, levels that are actually LEGALLY irradiating people), meaning that it could effectively be causing cancer.

In spite of these conclusions and the exponential increase in the use of electronic devices and frequency emissions since 2004, European health authorities have failed to issue the necessary recommendations or alerts. Indeed, the opposite is the case: they have enabled the growth of telephone networks, ignoring the fact that cases of people with electro-hypersensibility are also exponentially rising. Of course, the directive committees of these big companies will be compensating those leaders "so concerned about the people they represent," with a tidy sum once they have finished their "admirable work" in public office.

Both politicians and the telephone companies have been clever enough to convince us of the importance of the wireless connection industry, both for the economy and society as a whole. And we prefer to risk suffering the serious consequences before giving up our mobile technology.

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