La Dulce Revolución (Sweet Revolution) is a non-profit organisation set up in 2009 that does not ask for offical financial help or rely on state subventions. That way the Association is free to criticise whoever and whatever may be deemed to be abusing the System, especially the big pharmceutical, food, and power companies.

The impetus behind the organisation was to promote information on natural low-cost remedies, in particular phytotherapy. The practice of using medicinal plants is something we are all connected to via our ancestors, and is a resource we all have easy access to. The Sweet Revolution also focuses on the importance of following a natural diet to prevent and cure disease, as well as placing importance on emotional stability - a key factor in leading a truly healthy life.

The Association urges everybody to be self-sufficient in managing their health, as we are certain that every one of us can and should decide which treatments, food and emotional state we choose in order for us to be healthy.

With that objective, our work is focused on spreading the message via social networks http://dolcarevolucio.cat/language/es/portada/, https://www.facebook.com/ladulcerevolucion/,
talks https://dolcarevolucio.cat/language/es/agenda/, guided tours of the nurseries, health advice https://dolcarevolucio.cat/language/es/consultas-de-salud-2, compiling non-anonymous testomonials https://dolcarevolucio.cat/language/es/testimonios/, supplying plants, books and other recommended products http://dolcarevolucio.cat/botiga/es,  and co-operating with ONGs and other organisations working in poor countries by supplying them with seeds, plants and other essential items. We arrange workshops to show people how to grow medicinal plants and how to use them for making ointments and preparing healthy meals etc. We organise campaigns calling for the legalisation of prohibited and unauthorised plants for therapeutic purposes - such as Stevia and Marihuana, and for the protection of all natural therapies. We have a long list of supporters and volunteers across the Iberian Peninsula and South America  https://dolcarevolucio.cat/language/es/como-obtener-plantas-desde-la-red-de-colaboradores-en-espana-y-america/, and every year we jointly organise the Food and Health Fair with  Slow Food Terres de Lleida. The Fair is now a major event for lectures on alternative therapies: http://alimentacioisalut.com/es/

We also publish books on the subjects of natural healthcare  http://dolcarevolucio.cat/llibres/es/, and compile accounts of popular wisdom  http://catedraticsdelanatura.cat/es, etc.

Every member pays an annual fee of 48 euros, but to finance the projects that are currently underway, more members and more funding is needed. Times are a bit hard for people to sign up to the Association on a long-term basis, but if Sweet Revolution supporters donated a small amount every month, it would help to get those projects off the ground. Every little helps and it all adds up.

Teaming is a tried and tested system for making small monthly donations, and you are free to cancel whenever you want. It is easy to use and you give 1 euro a month to the project you wish to support, for as long as you want. You just have to fill in the form with your personal information and bank details, and our bank will debit the amount of 1 euro between the 1st and 1oth day of each month: https://www.teaming.net/ladulcerevoluciondelasplantasmedicinales

Get on board, the way ahead is full of delights!