Stomach cancer

In June I met Jose, a friend of my children and affected of stomach cancer. He is 20 years old, with a whole life ahead. His parents were devastated because the doctors had given up.

Medical Unit of High Specialty of the Mexican Social Security Institute was no longer considered a candidate to continue the chemotherapy and was sent to the unit of palliative measures.


Under these conditions this young man's  family  take his case with many doubts because when conventional medicine fails is not easy to believe in a simple way. But at the end they trusted and that is the key to healing of many disease, believe, because all the healing power is in the brain.


We started on 25th  June with the intake of fresh leaf of kalanchoe and even today he is still consuming, according to the following steps.


1- Application of alkaline water 10% sublingually to lower acidity and create a more conducive environment for healthy cells.

2- Ingestion of fresh kalanchoe daigremontiana leaf : 30 grams per day.

3- Application of extract kalanchoe, because we wanted to have got another way of managing the patient because his stomach was too small because the huge tumor  (measures 26x21x18 cm. Ovoide).


It's been a month since the start of treatment with kalanchoe and we observed  the decreased levels of carcinogenic levels and his case was taken up by the doctors. On 24th  August he was operated and the aforementioned tumor was removed .


Microscopic diagnosis was:

Resection of retroperitoneal tumor and cecal appendix: Germinal mixed neoplasm composed of mature teratoma multicystic (99%) and embryonal carcinoma (1%) associated with acute inflammatory process with tissue granulation, old bleeding , recent and calcifications of tumor sizes 26x21x18 cm.

Limit surgical drying out positive for neoplasia.

Cecal appendix with acute bleeding periappendicitis in serose mode.


Today, 10th  October 2012, this young man is healthy and is already thinking about returning to play football.


This indicates that we are on track,  the  kalanchoe daigremontiana plant has very powerful properties and it is time to move more strongly in the disclosure of medicinal plants.


Jose Manuel Martinez Rojas:

October 2012