Stomach cancer-2

In early December of 2013 I had surgery for stomach cancer, leaving only a third of it. Then I was scheduled seven sessions of chemotherapy and according to the oncologist at the end they would have to give me the corresponding cycle of radio.

From fifty-seven kilos weighing, I stay in forty two (15 kg. Less). I had no strength to speak, I did not eat and I did not feel good at all.

In January 2014, my sister told me about the soursop, look for information I started eating it. Thanks to this plant, I meet Josep Pamies talking about kalanchoe. I began to consume it combined with the MMS and stevia.

After three months taking kalanchoe, MMS and having alkaline diet, on fourth session of chemo in April, I did a CAT scan and the result was overwhelming ( doctor  couldn't believe) "There was no evidence of oncologic disease, "coming to congratulate me and deleting next  chemo session that was the next day. Even I do not believe it yet, four months after my operation, and cured, clean ... I saw when they announced me that I was cured, perfectly clean and so it has been, but I honestly did not belive it was so early and I am convinced that it was thanks to the cure that I've been on my own.

I took Kalanchoe plant at mid-morning, between 15-20 grams, and the same amount in the evening. I took MMS  5 times a day: 5 drops of citric acid + 5 drops of sodium chlorite combined both, even the same day of chemo treatment, but I tried to take it two hours before  it. Until now I haven't had nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. I have always tried to take at least one hour before and after meals.

Regarding food, since I started the whole process, I stopped consuming milk products dairy and sugar, white flour, white fish, beef, chips, etc. I started consuming wholemeal spelled, pasta, macaroni and grain spaghetti, blue fish, many salads, smoothies vegetable juices, vegetables and fruits,  all from organic farming, grilled and baked.

As for the maintenance dose, I continue taking kalanchoe the same as before, except someday when I 'm not at home. I've reduced to twice daily MMS dosis: morning and night.

I would send a lot of courage, much strength  to those people who need it, because if you want, you can going on.


July 2014