Spectacular improvement with Alzheimer and parkinson

I'm Jose Vera, from Murcia and I will talk about my experience with Alzheimer and Parkinson. My father in law suffered  Alzheimer for 20 years, from very young he began to develop the disease after one period of very strong stress. About a month ago I traveled  to Lleida with a friend we went to  visit  Josep Pamies, who gave me one of the best lessons of applied botany ever, in just two hours,  in my agronomist career of 5 years no one had taught me. Of all that he said me what impressed me more was the herb mixture for Alzheimer made by Sweet Revolution.

After a week I got a package of that mixture...

My father in law about this time had many blackouts, aggressivity and paranoia. 6 months before  he had begun with  first symptoms of Parkinson, but developing very fast. For Alzheimer he is taking 4-5 different drugs a day and in the latest revisions neurologist tested several drugs for Parkinson's and all of them caused him lots of major side effects without signs of improvement.


Two months ago, he begins the treatment with  mixtures of herbs, having one fasting infusion each morning. After three days my father began to think that he was better, but he remained cautious. At 15 days he had got no shaking hands, one month after he left to have
mental gaps and one months and half he maintains a normal conversation, plus the paranoids and obsessions periods  have disappeared and he is calmer. My father in law begins to consider stop taking certain pills.


I hope  our testimony serves to help other patients with Alzheimer and Parkinson.
Mix Alzheimer:  Veronica + Horsetail + Nettle + Sage + Stevia. Two infusions per day.



November 2013

In the annual review with  neurologist, about a month ago, the doctor diagnosed Alzheimer had stabilized and no progress. What we did not tell her was that he was taking  daily one infusion for Parkinson's and another  for Alzheimer. The neurologist credited with
improvement to medication he still takes, and the fact of overstimulation  because of the attention given to his little granddaughter and dog recently it has for years.

About Parkinson he also is better and he has shaking hands no longer only when he gets nervous. Now doctors have removed him medication for Parkinson's.


José Vera