Our congratulations go to the Valencian Co-operative Som Alimentació, a non-profit organisation consisting of 145 members from consumer groups, who are taking the next step by venturing to open a supermarket selling organic and local food at fair prices for all concerned. The opening is due next April in Valencia. To that end, they have set up a collective funding campaign (Campaña de Financiación Colectiva) with some interesting perspectives. Success seems assured when a project such as this is backed by conscious consumers and producers who will be supplying the food on offer. Faced with the need to "retrieve the ability to decide how we want to be as consumers", these entrepreneurs have taken a stand for the right to healthy and sustainable food, with all the members jointly responsible for decision-making. Sale will not solely be limited to members, as the general public will also be able to buy. Participation can be via a monthly membership fee of six euros, or by contributing servcies as a volunteer.

There are similar initiatives in Pamplona, Vitoria and Alicante, where the Bio Trémol Co-operative has various shops. Let's hope others follow their lead!