Serious knee injuries caused for osteoarthritis

The first time I heard about Comfrey was reading the Clan of the Cave Bear, in which the protagonist uses it to heal one bone break and reduce inflammation, and I thought "I wish had it in my power." The second time I read about this plant was in the book of Maria Treben,  I learned from an interview with Josep Pamies in that book. By then I had agreed to wear a prosthesis knee because the pain suffered prevented me to step up the stairs and it was a chore. I had one subluxation in my patella, meniscus, torn ligaments and bone deterioration caused by osteoarthritis. Doctors said the only solution was the prosthesis.

When I searched this plant I could not find it in any herbalist because they said it was not for sale because it was forbidden. I made a few inquiries and I got to bring it from abroad.

I prepared a cream with Comfrey as it was indicated by Maria Treben in her book and I started apply it on my knee with a gentle massage. After two days I began to feel the pain diminished and  more days after started the immense inflammation that I had started to become smaller. I could start walking as many times I had been advised by doctors, but this time without the pain that kept me from doing it.

I'm still walking even on stairs without pain. I started going to dance classes to make a little of exercise and to see how my knees responded. I am happy because I was able to dance again without pain.

I have given this cream to friends of mine and to people with similar problems, with sprains and arthritis in their hands and some more bone inflammation ailments or some sort of  degeneration. Every one are happy for the results and I can not cope making cream.

Cream is prepared as follows:

Pieces roots of this plant are chopped and briefly fried in pure lard from  the intestines part of pig. The proportion is 20% of the plant on the weight of the butter used. As I usually make a kilo of butter each time I add 200 grams of plant. Everything is left to repose overnight. The next day heated slightly, filtered through a cloth and squeezed. Quickly fill small pots thoroughly cleaned and stored in the refrigerator.

I hope my experience will help and if you want to contact me with any questions about it you can do it in my mail.


November 2013