My husband is 44 years old now and for half a year or more or less, he noticed a pain in the mornings in the lower back, but after a while it went and he could make his job normally. Gradually, the pain went intensifying and the time of pain was during all day, but it was a bearable pain. In this moment he started to take ibuprofen, but he just felt relief. To top it off he had to carry an outrageous weighing furniture and he had to made a tremendous effort, and from this moment  pain was much stronger.  After two or three days was when he had sciatica. He stood completely still, with an excruciating pain, so doctors had to come to prick him. From that moment they began to give him atrocities of medication and still spent 15 days without getting out of bed. Then he was improving very slowly.


They did an MRI him with contrast and diagnosis was a herniated disk between L-5 S-1 quite bulky. The surgeon said it was to operate, but with all the treatment he felt well, we said we wanted to wait, although he spent most of the day lying.

After two months he began to work and few days before he started taking Ana Mª's La Justicia magnesium chloride in tablets. He took 6 a day (2/2/2) after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

First days of work he noticed a lot of change and he had some little relapses, but when he came home and lay down was he felt better. That was about 2 or 3 days, but thereafter he began the amazing improvement. He was recovering his natural rhythm forever, doing the work charging  as always, at home he also began to gain weight and it was until now, it's been during one month and a half that he has been working normally, it is perfectly, without any hassle, something that neither his doctor couldn't believe.

Big effect was really noticed after 10/15 days more or less of start taking magnesium.

He keeps taking 6 tablets daily and he feels his digestion well. Also he makes exercises to strengthen his lower back and walks.

Cristina Martí

March 2014