Rhinitis – Barcelona

My name is Edith, I am 34 years old (March 2017) and I live in Castellbell i Vilar (Barcelona).

I have been suffering from rhinitis since I was 13 years old, and itchiness in my eyes due to seasonal allergies.  I was diganosed with an allergy to pine pollen, probably due to over-exposure. I live in an area completely surrounded by pine trees, and according to my allergist, I might have developed the allergy from having been too over exposed to the pollen. The pine pollen season lasts for a whole a month, during April. Each year the symptoms got gradually worse, and I would spend the month of April inside the house and hardly going outside. I took various different antihistamines over 20 years and my doctor would change the medication every two or three years when I noticed that the one I was taking stopped having any effect.

By chance, last year I read some testimonials on the Dulce Revolución website and I got in touch with them to ask if they could recommend a plant to help me with my allergy. I began to take infusions of Perilla twice a day, one in the morning with breakfast or at lunchtime, and another in the evening or at bedtime. It took about a week to 10 days before I began to notice the effect, which was actually “nothing of note” – no allergy and no side effects. A couple of times I was really tempted to stop taking the plant because I thought the pollen season had finished, because I had no symptoms. But outside that yellow pollen was everywhere, still stuck to everything. I carried on taking two infusions of Perilla every day until the first week of May, when every trace of pollen had disappeared. I still had no allergy symptoms or side effects.

This year I have got the plant ready to start taking the infusions from the end of March until the beginning of April.

Edith García
Castellbell i Vilar (Barcelona)