Rheumatoid arthritis – Madrid

My name's Rafael, I'm 65 years old (February 2017) and I live in Madrid. When I was 40 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. For 2 years I took many different anti-inflammatory drugs. One of them got me a stomach ulcer. This fact alarmed me very much as my stomach had always been alright. When I told the doctor that those drugs were hurting me, he spoke frankly and he told me that the rheumatoid arthritis I was suffering from was a degenerative and incurable disease, and that with the passage of time my joints would get atrophied and deformed. I became frightened because until that moment I had never needed a doctor. I was in very good health. I had never had any health problems whatsoever, I had never even taken an aspirin before being 40.
When I was told that my problem didn't have cure, I started to investigate other options outside of the allopathic medicine. In 1993 I consulted an expert in natural medicine and he provided me a diet that stopped the suffering I was having due to my arthritis. My health improved quite much only with the diet and drinking a lot of water. The diet basically consisted of cutting out everything that was harmful to the disease, fried foods, eggplants, lentils, tomato, only roasted chicken meat, and essentially 2 liters of water a day, but I still had crisis from time to time which seemed to get back the disease, most of all in winter. Two years after practicing this diet, which I felt as a good one, I saw how important diet was for health recovery. In 2012 I heard about MMS, which seemed to work for my disease, so I got it and I started to treat myself with the sodium chlorite, as Andreas Kalcker explains in YouTube. By doing this I recovered considerably. I took it in three periods of 40 days, with 15 days of rest between periods. I took it as follows:
First day, 1 drop of chlorite activated with 1 drop of citric acid; the second day, 2 drops of each; the third day 3 drops of each; the fourth day 4 drops of each, and I stayed at this dose for 36 other days. I eliminated all juices containing citric acid from my diet. The cycles of time between doses were 3 hours. In this period of 40 days I didn't notice a noticeable improvement, so I rested for 15 days and I started another period of 40 days in the same way as the previous one. I took again 15 days off and I repeated the third period in the same way.
During the second period of 40 days I tried to up to 6 drops but it didn't me good so I went down to 4 drops again, as it was more bearable for me.
The truth is that I have never had any numbness nor pain again.

Rafael del Río Castro