Here are some recipe ideas for making natural deodorants at home:

- Bicarbonate: Wash armpits well with water and soap, then mix a pinch of bicarbonte of soda in water and apply to the area. This acts as an effective deodorant throughout the entire day.

- Blossom Water: Choose your favourite-smelling organically-grown flowers and dry them. You will need a stovetop espresso maker destined solely for these preparations. Place the dried flowers where the coffee would go, and heat the water as normal until the liquid is in the top comparment. Once cooled, add to a spray bottle - and there you have your deodorant.

- Cream deodorant:

· 3 dessertspoons of bicarbonate of soda

· 2 dessertspoons of magnesium carbonate

· 1 dessertspoon of organic cornflour

Mix all ingredients well and add vegetable glycerine until the desired creamy texture is attained (the thicker it is, the more concentrated the deodorant will be). Add your favourite organic essential oils. The best one to combat excessive perspiration is palmarosa, combined with lemon essential oil.

Apply to wet or dry armpits.

- Coconut oil deodorant:

· ⅓ cup maize starch

· ⅓ cup bicarbonate of soda

· 10 drops anti-bacterial essential oils (lavender, eucalyptus, or tea tree)

· 10 drops anti-fungal essential oils (mint or sandalwood) - in deodorants for men, use 20 drops

· 3 dessertspoons coconut oil

· 2 dessertspoons vitamin E oil (optional)

Mix all ingredients well in a bowl, until a thick paste has formed. Place the mixture in a container and use like a stick deodorant, applying a little every day.