Psoriasis – Murcia

My name is Mariló, I am 34 (April 2017) and I live in Murcia, Spain. I have been suffering from psoriasis since I was 14 years old - I could say I am lucky because I only had it on my scalp. At first, a small patch appeared, then over the years it spread until it eventually covered half of my head. I decided to do something about it. Up until that point, I had just been using expensive shampoos which did nothing to solve the problem. I refused to use steroids, and all the costly creams and ointments I tried just left me feeling hopeless. Acupuncture didn’t work either. I discovered homoeopathy and took a homoeopathic remedy every day for four years, which helped a lot. The large patches of psoriasis on my scalp almost cleared up, but it was not completely healed. I still had flaky skin and itchiness - my condition was gradually getting worse, although progressing more slowly than before. Patches sprung up on and behind my ears, and I had to wear my hair loose to cover up my head and especially my neck, where the skin was dry and sore.

I was determined to find a natural remedy to help my condition, and came across an article on Artemisia annua. I read about its properties for autoimmune diseases and testimonials from people who had tried it, and decided to give it a go. For 21 days, I took 3 infusions per day, and then had a break for 10 days. I did this for 3 months, and now my psoriasis has completely cleared up. No tightness, no itching, no patches, no crusty skin. Now and again I can eat chocolate without worrying an itchy patch is going to flare up, and I can have a glass of wine without my head starting to burn. I can wear my hair up and wear dark-coloured garments, as the skin no longer flakes off and drops on my clothing.

My hairdresser now uses it for the red patches on her skin: she was always taking antihistamines, especially in spring when she breaks out in large patches.

I am very grateful to the Dulce Revolución because I can now lead a normal life. To anyone suffering from a similar ailment, I thoroughly recommend using this plant, 100%. I imagine there will be many other desperate people out there like me who may be reticent to try new things, especially natural remedies as they worry they are not as effective or they won’t work – but they are wrong!! I cannot recommend this plant highly enough to those people, and am sure it will be the answer to their problems.

Mariló Hernández