Psoriasis – Málaga

My name is Francisca, I am 72 years old (February 2017) and was born in Barcelona, although I have been living in Mijas (Málaga) for many years. 40 years ago I had a severe outbreak (of psoriasis) due to stress (complicated youth) and lack of attention to my diet. The outbreak appeared over the whole of my body, including the scalp, with red patches that started to flake off and were very itchy.
I had various treatments, creams, tablets, wonder drugs; I was even treated with methotrexate. It all helped to alleviate the situation somewhat, but only externally.
As time passed, from greater awareness and making changes in my life, I reached a point where I could control it quite well, with permanent flaking on my elbows and above my coccyx and small eruptions on my legs which would not go away. In any stressful situation, I would get more outbreaks. I had a job with a lot of responsibility which affected me greatly.
Last September (2016), new outbreaks began to appear which got more intense, especially on my face, scalp, eyes, ears, neck, and chest, along with the familiar itchiness.
The doctors’ diagnosis was “severe outbreak of psoriasis, certainly due to stress”, because in my particular case I really try to be careful with what I eat. The stress seemed to be coming from excessive exercise and my perfectionist nature. Once again I was prescribed creams, pills, wonder drugs etc., but this time I didn’t want to follow the treatment. Meanwhile, I had the fortune of attending an interesting talk given by Josep Pàmies during which a new possibility opened up for me. I got in touch with the Sweet Revolution association and they quickly suggested I take Artemisia Annua, and explained how to take it, which I followed to the letter.
On 22nd November (2016) I began the treatment: Artemisia Annua infusion twice a day (after breakfast and evening meal) for 9 days then 7 days off. Then another 9 days of the same. I began the third 9-day treatment on 24th December and increased it to 3 infusions per day (after breakfast, midday meal and evening meal).
Before the end of the first month of treatment, I could already see an improvement, and in a month and half, it had disappeared.
I have been on the fifth 9-day treatment since 25th January because my scalp area is the most stubborn, although it is improving, but I think that if I had been taking 3 daily infusions since the beginning, it would have completely cleared up by now.
I try to avoid the following in my diet: processed meat, milk products, red meats and of course, sweet foods. I mainly eat fruits, vegetables, pulses, blue fish, poultry flesh, rice and eggs. I avoid fried foods.

Thank you for everything. Eternally grateful and forever in support of your work.

Francisca Méndez

Mijas (Málaga)