Prostate Cancer-4

My father is a person of 65 years old who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2014. At first we were told that he had a size of 10%, which is relatively little. He was given radiation therapy for 1 month and a half with sessions of 10 minutes, approximately. This was between July and August 2014.

At this time I was reporting on natural remedies with herbs and I met Tania, a person dedicated to this subject. One day she told me that with a plant called epilovium parviflorum could help to reduce cancer. Also he told me of the alkalizing properties of stevia, pointing that it was the healthiest way to sweeten the infusion. Tania explained me how to make infusions: Heating a glass of water and when it starts to boil remove from heat and add a dessert spoonful of epilovium and other of stevia. Let it resting for 5-10 min. She told I should take an infusion fasting, another half an hour before lunch and the last half hour before dinner. I had to do Novenas, that means, taking these infusions nine days and nine others resting.

I mentioned it to my father expecting a resounding of negation for answer, but what was my surprise that my father put a lot of interest and he agreed to take this infusion. My father is a very persistent person and I have to confess that infusions to split table was taken without missing a day. He started taking infusions of beekeeping at about the same time that he began radiotherapy more or less on 10th of July 2014. Results were took in November of 2014 and the prostate-specific antigen for the tumor values (PSA) were 2.8 and in February of the same year, it had values of 6.8. He is still taking infusions and although my father say that this drop in PSA is due in large measure to radiotherapy I think infusions had much influence.


December 2014