Prostate Cancer-3

I am 76 years old and I have prostate problem. The oncologist who attended me at the end of July 2014 had told me hopelessly that one month after I would need radiotherapy and chemotherapy without remission.

PH with the test strip, marked me 5.

On a visit to the Sweet Revolution I was suggested  to use kalanchoe, alkaline diet and to drink sea water mixture + standard water + lemon juice + soda water; plus stevia infusion, mixed with herbs for prostate and kalanchoe leafs.

I was taking Kalanchoe twice daily, with the size of an identity card every time. In my diet I introduced the integral bread, I removed red meat, etc., so witch is normal for a healthy diet. I take Sea water about two years ago , half standard glass fasting a day. As for the infusion, the volume during lunch and ever more a day. I compose a glass of seawater, four glasses of plain water, juice of two lemons and a teaspoon of baking. I also take an infusion of a couple of kalanchoe leaves, a tablespoon of herbs for prostate and a teaspoon of stevia. I reviewed my PH with sticks test, dipping in urine. I've gone from 5 to 7.

At the end of July 2014,  oncologist who is also homeopath,  was surprised that my condition had changed and sent me only ten sessions of radio. I told him I had taken kalanchoe and quietly told me to continue taking it and I was scheduled for 20th of October 2014. That day I was confirmed that the PSA was almost completely normalized and I was scheduled again for three months later. I indicated him that I will continue taking kalanchoe and he aim me to going on, because with that and  radio I was all almost normalized. The test strip  now  marks  pH between 6 and 6.5.

This is my state and my story.


November 2014