Prostate Cancer-2

For over a decade, my father has been attended for prostate cancer. First by surgery after radiotherapy and then in recent years he has continued with regular checks, plus hormone treatment. However, in late 2012 the PSA began to rise and in each revision, the figures were higher. In late October 2013 Dr.  said him that in recent tests they had discovered the existence of a tumor in a abdominal ganglia, located between the aorta and intestine artery and the area where it was very committed undergo radiotherapy. They said that if the PSA continued to rise, as before, would be 6 months with good quality of life and then by evolution. After this bad news I started reading about alternative therapies: Aloe, Kalanchoe, alkaline diets

and I also met  Josep Pàmies, who offered me their knowledge and conveyed me hope.

In late December 2013, while continuing with the hormonal treatment prescribed by  oncologist, we initiated like follows :

- Alkaline diet: no red meat, no milk neither its derivatives .

- ALOE VERA: A recipe prepared with whole leaf aloe vera (the plant has to be more than three years old, it means it must be ripe) + honey (as pure as possible) + liquor (of high quality). The proportions are; the same amount of aloe vera honey, for example, 300 gr. 300g aloe vera more. of honey and a shot of liquor. This syrup, once crushed everything, took in 3 tablespoons a day: 1 fasting and the other 2 half hour before meals. You have to take it for 10-14 days and then rest 7 days. This recipe is easily available online where it can be consulted more closely. It is repeated for six months, interspersed with periods of rest of 7 days.

- INFUSIONS: mixture for cancer twice daily and urinary  tract one (more stevia epilobio) once daily.

- On 10th  March, 2014 we went to visit  oncologist and he gave us good news: PSA had dropped from 9,15 to 3.95.

These results have given us hope and time. My father today feels good and he continues with this "alternative" treatment more traditional, hoping that the PSA would drop further.

I hope that this testimony can help those who are in a similar situation.

"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food".


April 2014