Prostate Cancer-1

In spring of 2007 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and, for purely personal reasons, I postponed the operation until the 10/07/2008. I had postoperative complications, first with thrombosis in both legs, then the inter-hospital resistant bacteria installed and that extended my stay in the hospital up to 40 days. I was extremely weak, suffering from a significant anemia, but I was willing to give the best of me to recover in the shortest time possible.

In December I was already pretty well and controls were normal. But in early 2010 the outcome of the review of my Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) was not satisfactory, It had increased a lot. Doctor suggested me radiotherapy but also he said me also he wanted to see first the other examination I would have in 30 days. In that time I did aloe treatment with honey extracted directly from the hive by the beekeeper and a few tablespoons of whiskey. The administration of mentioned mixture was (a tablespoon 15 minutes before lunch, snack and dinner) it was during 10 days, and then one break for 10 days without taking it and at the end another 10 days with same as above  treatment. By now I had scheduled the other test, the result was a huge surprise for my doctor, it was: Blood Determining 0.000. From that moment until now, the only change in the results was from 26/04/2011 benchmarks in ng / mL (0000-4000) gives me 0.003. The last analytical control of PSA has been on 11th of December 2012 and it continuous being: 0.003.

Héctor Jorge

December 2012