Ovarian cancer with metastases in the liver, appendix and peritoneum

My name is Judith Contreras and I live in the city of Santiago de Cali in Colombia. On July 2, 2013 my sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer with metastases in her liver, appendix and peritoneum. She spent two weeks in hospital and was discharged because the specialists said there was nothing to do.

I started to find out if there was any solution to this disease and on 8th of July I got the kalanchoe information. That same week I started to look for it and on 12th, in the most unexpected site, I got it. A man who sells herbs near my house got me with the name of OJARANSIN (well known here in Colombia).

My sister started to take it on 16th of July in  infusion and also applied as a poultice. At the end I explain the details of those preparations.

Results were immediate. Because my sister disease included the abdomen, vagina and legs swollen but on 17th she woke up with not inflamed legs. It was such a joy that it awakened in her a miraculous faith, because she was not a woman of faith and, as Josep Pamies says, which wants is to cure cures will cure himself.

Since then to date (30-08-2013), she continues to take  Kalanchoe and also is helping with self-healing, Reiki, she is attended  by where the Gregorian brothers, she is reading several of this books on sanergia (including Anita Moorjani "Dying to be myself " that it has served her for well) and their families met every night at 9:00 pm in prayer chain.

In early August they made new tests and they all came within the normal range. Oncologist seemed strange to see the good condition of her liver  and told her that she was able to withstand surgery for removal of the reproductive system, to eliminate the focus of cancer. She was scheduled for 27th of August. The anesthesiologist told her that for such aggressive cancer, her reproductive system hadn't lost its normal form, everything had gone well and she would sen a sample to pathology section to determine what kind of chemo she will need.

Today 30th of  August she was discharged and is now at home. She has an excellent face and continues with much encouragement to continue living and enjoying life with her grandson and she has the faith to be healed on 100% of her strength.

Preparing the kalanchoe infusion:

You have to caught in several pieces three small leaves  (or a teaspoon of dessert). You boil a cup of water when it is boiling ad the leaves pieces  and boil them for three minutes, lower the heat and let it resting for five minutes.

My sister is taking it three times a day, half an hour before each meal.

Preparation of kalanchoe poultice:

Take a bunch of leaves or the amount that is deemed appropriate depending on the size of the organ or affected area is picked, crushed and mixed very well with half of a teaspoon of olive oil. It is applied on the affected area and leave at least three hours.

Counting the two preparations in two months she has taken nine leaves daily, so she consumed 540 small leaves.

Currently she  is not taking because she is waiting to heal the wound of the surgery.

Until today there have been no negative effects.

Judith C.

September 2013