Nodular lymphoma in the spleen

Three years ago I was diagnosed with nodular lymphoma in my spleen and I was told that if this type of tumor is not increasing  more it's a big improvement. They are been controlling me three years, every three months, and each time it became bigger. In January 2013 it had been increasing a lot and they referred me to Valencia in the General Hospital, as it is the only place where they attend this kind of problem.

One day I watched one video of Mr. Pamies speaking about kalanchoe and stevia and I started taking kalanchoe. It would be from January to February this year. I took the lifts three times a day, the size of a DNI, for a month. After that time I took stevia infusions as half a liter a day. On

March my Dr. told me that tumor had been stabilized obtaining a slight improvement and for that reason he would no longer send me to Valencia.

In  April returned to take kalanchoe and since then I took it a week for a month and then I rest.

In the checking of this July they saw that not only it had been stopped,  it had not improved its state. They were shocked because it seemed impossible because they did not give me no treatment. I told them I was taking kalanchoe and they pointed it, as like one time they saw on me one God image and I told them that he was very  believer.

Now I can say I am very good, I feel good many days. I believe God has put Mr. Pamies to help many people, as he has done with me.

Andrés (Albacete)

September 2013