Lymphoma in lymph

My story begins in 2007 when I was detected a not aggressive cancer in my skin , called basal cell carcinoma . I treated it with laser and it worked, but I had an ugly scar long time there was no way to remove.

In 2009 I had surgery a huge bulge in the groin. They thought it was a hernia, but when they analyze it turned out to be lymphoma, non-Hodgkin's, stage three. It wasn't  grabbed on spinal cord, neither in organs, but they were in the lymph from the knees to the neck. In my life there was no changes, in the sense that they did not put me no treatment because it wasn't too aggressive. They  told me  that if the bungles of lymph became largerer or quarterly analytical showed problems, then we have to treat with chemo.

Aftr 6 months, more or less, I saw Josep Pamies on TV and I contacted him. He spoke of the power kalanchoe plant and food. I think  food has also been instrumental in my healing. From that moment I ate less meat or no anythng but more fish, fruit, vegetables, I eliminated from my diet sugar and white flour and for roughly two years I took a piece of the kalanchoe plant (as a cm) a day in the mash or salad, stew or soup. Also it took some aloe vera. I made mixtures  with a bit of the whole plant and some whipped honey and I took a spoonful before each meal.

One year after and a half taking the plant when I palpated the even larger bumps that were in the groin and neck disappeared is no longer detected. By getting another scanner saw that just were not and also they gave the analytical perfect. Since then I spaced visits to six months. It also happened that as I took the plantn scar carcinoma closed perfectly and I'm cured.

My hematologist told me he had never seen anything like it could be that they had mistaken diagnosis, the lymphoma that may have been taken from me was the bad and the others could be an infection that had at that time. The truth is that doctors know my desire to be a mother, a year ago I was given "permission" and in September last year I got pregnant and I am now about to become a mother.

It might be a misdiagnosis, but the truth is that I started to feel better, less tired, more active, even got a little weight, I guess thanks to food and now I feel great.


June 2013