Lymphatic cancer

May 2011, I was 38 years old, I went to  gynecologist because I had my right chest exaggerated bigger than the other. Hi didn't  gave no importance even though he had noticed some cysts in my  left breast and we decided to do an ultrasound. From that ultrasound it was found some benign cysts and he told me that it would disappear. One of these 2 cysts of the left breast, left me, but the change of measure of the right breast and the other left breast cyst did not disappear and even became bigger. So in the month of September I returned to do an other ultrasound.

The final diagnosis was lymphatic cancer, in grade IV, spinal cord also affected non-Hodgkin lymphoma. I was prescribed 8 sessions of chemotherapy every 3 weeks, we started on 12th  of October 2011.

I collect tips from people like Mr. Pamies, Dr. Martin and Bosch, an ecological dietitian I visited and other references that you can find in  internet, I took care of myself as follows:

I tried to take the mixture of aloe vera and honey every day before lunch: 1/3 kalanchoe leafs before each meal (total of 18 * g daily) for the first few weeks; although after the first chemo cyst breast disappeared I decided to not taking more because  of my  treatment  my stomach was upset and I did not like too much of taste it.

I follow these guidelines regarding food:

-I removed Cow's milk. Instead take spelled  because soy is not recommended to me by the possible hormone content it could carry. Cheese of cow's milk as it does.

- I removed refined sugar as  possible; if anyone occasionally gives me a cake I also take ... * I use drops  of stevia, honey, rice syrup, brown sugar.

-I removed white flour as  possible also,  I began to make me buy bread or I by spelth's or high quality flour.

- I stopped eating red meat. As animal protein I take, chicken, eggs, a little pig back ( I do not like  rabbit) and fish.

- Incorporate more vegetable protein (legumes) to replace the animal.

- Incorporate especially fresh fruit and vegetables, milk also spelled, * Stevia and whole grains. At this point I have to say that I  contradicted my  dietitian who gave me the hospital dietitian recommended of "* antibacterial" diet to prevent infections during descents of defenses after * chemo. I countered possible bacteria cleaning much better fruit and vegetables and avoiding eating  hard things for don’t hurt my mouth to avoid gum * sores.

-After a stronger food,  at night, I took 1/2 glass of water with a carpet of Swedish herbs with bicarbonate (sometimes I added a little of lemon).

-In the morning (only a few days) 1/2 cup of sea water.

- Infusions: Dandelion Infusions + Calendula + Nettle (according to the  Maria Treben's book *). A glass 15 minutes before each meal. I made 1 liter in the morning and I took it during the day.

- I also prepared a salt bath 1 time a week. I bought a bag of coarse salt , for spas (without * antiaglomerant if it is possible) and I put 9 cups to a full bathtub.

- Finally, to boost my immune system:

- Taking many vitamins through fresh fruit and vegetables. Every morning I took a lot of fruit that I had in my fridge. I tried to go to buy  one weekly market if the chemo allowed me, so I bought fresher, cheaper and more proximity products.

-Infusions: * Echinacea, or bottles of  herbalist infusion.

- Nettle also reinforces the anemia caused by chemo *.

- It is fair to say that apart from the work done at home and by conventional physicians, I also visited and still I do a complementary nature therapist who through quinesology , biomagnetic and bach flowers seasons, he made me the follow from this another smoothly and gave me lots of good advice throughout the monitoring and ex post depending on how I was physically and emotionally. I also was attended a by a few sessions of  biodescodification.

  • On 24th April of 2012, after all the tests, the results say that there was no trace breast cyst, or other damages in my lymph system. At the moment I am in follow supervision.
  • In the same way you do a "change of chip" in the way of physically take care, you do emotionally and psychically also, it is all at the same time and goes all related. And I want to try, therefore, be faithful to me and take good care from now to make me happier myself thanks to this knowledge that we get people from Sweet Revolution.

- I hope my witness serve other people, like yours helped me.

Thank you!

Elisenda Ventura Vinyals

November 2013