Lupus erythematosus – Barcelona

My name's Araceli, I'm 44 years old (march 2017) and I live in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona). 13 years ago I've been diagnosed with lupus erythematosus. My body had filled with inflamed spots. Fatigue overpowered my whole body and pain in my joints progressively increased to the point that I couldn't sleep.
They prescribed me some pills and a cream for the spots. At that time doctors knew little about the origin of my disease as it was fairly unknown.
For two years my life became a nightmare of pain, my temper worsened and I didn't go out, unless I was fully covered. I was ashamed of the spots, and besides, I couldn't be exposed to the sun.
Four years later I suffered a psychological blow when my mother suddenly died. I couldn't be in mourning because from then on I was in charge of my grand-father and my uncle, both ill. As a result, I didn't have time to spend on my disease, I skipped every medical test, until they died a year later. I guess my nerves kind of covered up the disease, but some years later it re-emerged, stronger than ever. Joint pain started to intensify despite all the efforts I did to do some sport. The spots weren't so intense but they were still there. The worst thing was when I started losing my hair.
In may 2016 my sister took me to speak with Cande, a Dulce Revolución's partner. Since that day I decided to come back to life and fight to carry on. During 4 hours I was able to uncover my emotions, at last someone with whom I could share all that heap I had inside me and that was suffocating me. She advised me to take Swedish bitters, seawater, natural pills and sweet wormwood. She also recommended me to read a book (El Creador). This book is opening my mind and showing me that where there’s a will there’s a way. 15 days after I started taking what she had advised me, I began to feel better and the spots had disappeared. A month later my blood levels had considerably lowered and three months later my hair began to grow, which doctors thought was impossible. Nine months have passed and it's still early to stop the treatment, even if, as it's all natural, I'm not worried at all, and besides, Swedish bitters gives me a lot of strength.
Now I have a strong will to live and I progress in my transformation to find myself again.

Araceli Trujillo
Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona)

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