Liver protection during radio and chemotherapy treatment

I have recovered from a malignant  brain tumor  (glioblastoma multiforme) by radio and chemotherapy. But there's more. When I started the treatments I knew my liver would suffer.

My profession is agricultural engineer, specialization in horticulture and plant breeding and I worked with artichoke and thistle garden. I knew that seeds of both plants are rich in silymarin appears to be a liver protector. Before my illness, after a binge, I did well to take a seed extract of milk thistle (Silybum marianum), also rich in silymarin to be a close relative of the artichoke and thistle garden. I had located the product in US. Now I guess it can also be found in Spain.

So I started taking one pill a day for during  chemotherapy (three and a half years). Each pill weighs 1000 mg, of which 250 are active. According to the manufacturer you can take  2 pills per day during meals. I have always taken a pill in the main meal. Then I stopped taking it for long periods of time (1 year) but I've retaken and relax with that cadence.

Doctors are very cautious and slow to make predictions. In neurosurgery, I was told that the tumor was inoperable, to be situated in an area of ​​difficult access, but were the first, I think  6-8 months, they told me that the tumor was regressing. In neurology I was told that my liver variables were perfect, after treatment.

Now, after eight years of what I detected, it is only a scar in the brain tumor. And I think that except bearable sequels I consider I'm cured. Maybe it was my positive life attitude, the method  with which I was treated and also the thistle. I can say that this has not hurt me. Milk thistle, artichoke and thistle garden, very near the three are considered as some of the species of greatest antioxidant content.


July 2013