In this section we would like to appeal to the solidarity of those people who, having suffered an illness, have recovered their health by using medicinal plants and natural therapies, so that their testimony can be a valuable help for the people that might need to learn from their experiences.

In order to make this possible, it is necessary that the testimonials are not anonymous and also that they can be hired and/or consulted by those people that are living a similar situation. Hence we ask the testimonials that are willing to help other people who are now in the place they once were, that they write to us explainig us the therapy they used for healing as well as their name and contact information to the effect that those interested can contact them directly.

With the aim to avoid publicitary interests, no commercial names or professional adresses will be published in this section. Nevertheless, once the testimonials have been personally contacted, they will be free to explain their experience mentioning names, products, ect.