Flu – Blanes (Girona)

My name is Paqui, I am 63 years old (January 2018) and I live in Blanes (Girona). This is the first time I have used "Censored Product", even though I bought it some years ago. My husband caught the flu a fortnight ago and was showing the same symptoms of a flu he had several years ago which attacked his chest, so I decided to suggest "Censored Product" to him. I activated 15 drops of chlorite and 15 of acid in 1 litre of water, which he drank at intervals during the day. In the end he needed two litres (one litre with 15 drops of "Censored Product" each day, for two days). He started it on the Saturday and by the Monday he no longer had a temperature and was able to go to work. I can't tell you how pleased he is (we both are), as people say you are in bed with a temperature for days and even weeks.


Paqui Reina

Blanes (Girona)