Hi! I’d like to share with you our experience.

We have a mix of Pyrenees mastiff called ‘Clamen’, it  suffered an intestinal obstruction. Suddenly she stopped eating, and she moaned in pain.

We took her to the vet and they prescripted glycerin oil, cortisone and antibiotic, as she hadn’t defecated for three days. After two more days anything seemed to improve, it even got worse, Clamen wouldn’t eat anything and she didn’t’ move at all. We came back to the vet, where we were told that it was necessary to operate even thought we were given no guarantees.

I had got to know Josep Pàmies some days ago, and I decided to go to ask him about this issue. He received me very kindly and advices us to try some ancestral cures:

  • 1L of thyme water (Thymus vulgaris) for drinking
  • 250 cubic centimeters of sea water via oral syringe

A few hours later anything had changed so I gave her an enema with one litter of thyme and 250 cubic centimeters of sea water. After a couple of hours the dog could defecate and started to get better until she was perfectly recovered.

Thank you for everything,


Montse   (Please only in Spanish)

September 2012