Type II Diabetes – Turin (Italy)

My name is Adriana, I am 57 (January 2018) and I live in Turin, Italy. I want to talk about my experience so it may serve as an impetus for other people. My husband (aged 61) had a health check and his glycemia was found to be 140. They repeated the test two more times and it reached 150. He was declared diabetic and they wanted to medicate him, but he asked for a few months grace to try out some natural solutions. Thanks to the Sweet Revolution, I discovered stevia. I bought a plant and my husband immediately started to consume the fresh leaves. Then we bought some dried and incorporated it into our daily "mate" tea (we are Argentinian) along with the usual herbs. Apart from mixing it in the mate, he took two further daily infusions of stevia.

Conclusion: after two months, we have done an infinite amount of checks and his glycemia never reaches 100. He does not take medication. Stevia cures!

Now we have discovered the enormous power of herbs, we are determined to forever improve our health. I am in the process of buying some other herbs to improve our cholesterol, and other detoxifying herbs. I will be eternally grateful to you.

Adriana Mesiano
Turin (Italy)