Too many people are accustomed to the systematic use of stomach protection medications and gastric acid reflux inhibitors. These medications carry dangerous side effects and also create habitual use. There are natural measures to avoid heartburn; the first is to follow a diet based on fresh and organic foods, avoiding processed products - in particular sugars, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.

Natural remedies for eliminating heartburn:

- AROMATIC CALAMUS ROOT (SWEET FLAG): steep a teaspoon of this root in ¼ litre of water overnight, in the morning heat and strain. Drink a shot of the liquid before and after each meal.

- CANARIES TEA (HANNAY'S LEMON DROP): take an infusion per day, fasting or on an empty stomach.

- ORMUS: take a teaspoonful (non-metallic) before each meal.

- GINGER ROOT: infuse a slice of fresh ginger root in ¼ litre of hot water for half an hour and drink 20 minutes before meals.

- SAUERKRAUT OR CABBAGE JUICE: drink a shot of cabbage juice or well-chewed sauerkraut before each meal, it stimulates the production of stomach acid.

- ALOE VERA: before each meal, eat a piece of Aloe Vera flesh, well chewed, or drink a shot of Aloe Vera juice (this remedy can be laxative).

- BAKING SODA: in an emergency, dissolve half to one teaspoonful of baking soda in a glass of water to relieve the burning - this is not valid as a regular remedy.

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