Colo-rectal cancer

On May 3, 2013 my father was 68 and he was diagnosed with a colon adenocarcinoma of 8.6 cm. Fever was what took him to hospital. The tumor was very inflamed. He was operated on 9 May and also they found it the tumor  infected and it had touched: pancreas, stomach, intestine (of course) and bile ducts. He left the hospital after a month and a week.

On July 9, two months after surgery, he begins chemotherapy. During the rest weeks fever uses to rises. During this period which lasted from July 9 to 16 October he had two incomes, the second longer than the first for the same reason. Bowel inflammation due to medication .

Someone told me about  Kalanchoe, I write this name on the internet and I get the name of Josep Pàmies. On August 17 I make my first visit to Pàmies HORTICOLES. I bought the plant and took seeds home to my parents (I live in Barcelona and they in Tenerife). I planted it there.

At the same time I scheduled  a season with one naturalist in La Laguna, in the greenhouse  was opened the door of hope and there was the change in my nutrition. My parents visited the naturalist on 11th  of September  for the first time and they began the adventure, which at first was hard, it was not easy to change their eating style and eliminating completely meat, milk and sugar. At the beginning of the change was the second income that also made us doubting if we were on the right way, but with confidence we went on and thanks to God that we are going on.

After 16th of October e has an other chemotherapy. In late October he starts eating 30 grams daily of Kalanchoe crushed in liquefied ordered him by  the naturalist with all the naturopathic medication:  iron, folic acid, algae (spirulina, chlorella, Klamath), copper, C vitamin, pure kaolin , B6 vitamin, B12 vitamin, bicarbonate. ... all this in tablets and drops less aloe vera that he drank directly or mixed with water. At the same time, obeying the instructions of Sweet revolution he took twice daily a ground of: red pepper, onion, garlic, kalanchoe, dandelion leaf, leaf endive, cucumber, olive oil and oregano and also two infusions of artichoke, dandelion and stevia daily.

Pure aloe vera gel helped him greatly in his feet and hands, because his skin was regenerating  very fast and he did not suffer with the second chemo.

Surprisingly, since he left the hospital the second time (already with one month of changing food and following the guidance of Sweet Revolution and naturalist) He did not return to have any consequence of chemotherapy (or lack of appetite, and nausea, neither diarrhea, nor will re-peeling feet and hands). He received 6 sessions every 15 days of chemotherapy. His life became normal until today, that he has been four months without chemo. From 14th of February he received the last dropper, he has been taking drops of milk thistle for liver and desmodium cleaning.

Yesterday he visited the naturalist (since 11th of September has visiting him every 15 days) and he  was told that his internal organs are regenerating cells  very fast and, after a trial that naturalist made him where he to check all this regeneration, he said that hopefully many of  people who come to his  seasons were like him.

Now he continues to taking all  above described, with the addition of a pill of magnesium course he continues with 30 gr. Kalanchoe daily.

In April my parents travel from Tenerife to know where his new life began and which changed the course of history and the whole family also.

Returning he does a TAC and analyzes: everything is fine.  TAC is right (and nodules that were told in  October review  also displayed from his liver) and analytic can not be better. Tumor markers are in 2.6 (must be less than 5.6).

We only have words of gratitude, encouragement and strength.

Candelaria Pérez

June 2014




And ..after one year without chemo and almost two without cancer  I can say that my father is better than ever. I do not write from June 2014 to date (February 14, 2015) and I only can BE SO THANKFUL.

My father continues with alkaline diet, exercising, traveling and ..taking kalanchoe with periods of 15-20 days of rest. He continues protecting his liver with artichoke, dandelion, milk thistle and desmoden. Since June 2014 he has had two more oncology reviews and both were very good. Both analysis and CT are very good and the best thing is that he feels perfectly good.

He keeps visiting to  naturalist once a month and he is glad with the process and his evolution. In this February, when he saw his analytic, he says: "It is the best analytical that I saw today in all day attending people".


We keep in touch, of course with the beginning of the story: SWEET REVOLUTION and, from our experience as a family, we continue helping and accompanying others who today begin the process.

From here we return to be thankful to God for putting us in this way and Josep Pàmies, his team to have crossed in it.