Cataracts – Tenerife

My name is Carmen Marrero García, I am 68 years old (February 2018) and I live in Tenerife. In May of 2016 I was diagnosed with cataracts by an ophthalmological centre in my town as well as by a prestigious international ophthalmological hospital located in Oviedo. I was informed by both that I needed to have an operation due to the state of my cataracts. Furthermore, I was also informed I had a vitreous detachment in my right eye (it appears in the vision as dark spots moving in the visual field), which was making my sight even more difficult. They told me that this complaint was incurable, and that I would have it for the rest of my life.

It is hard for me to make quick decisions about matters of health, except of course if the case requires, but as far as my own particular story goes, I possessed a good dose of patience and was not in a hurry to have the operation; although it was true that my cataracts were advanced, and in fact I had already bought plane tickets to go to Oviedo and had a date for the operation.

The doctors’ decision to operate on me led to my being in a state of high anxiety which had gradually been building up from before, from various situations with my family. Following instructions from the aforementioned hospital, I had to cancel and postpone, as all that meant a risk for the intended operation. Although it sounds contradictory now, and having had a bad time with my anxiety - which I overcame - I can be thankful for it being the reason I didn’t have the operation.

Via a recommendation from my son, an habitual follower of Josep Pàmies, I got in touch with him and his team by email so he could advise on something natural to improve the state of my eyes. He told me to use Celandine (Chelidonium majus) and apply it to my eyes. At that time it was impossible for me to find the plant in Tenerife and they were not able to send fresh plants by post either. However, my son, who is anxious about using everything natural and organic, travelled to the Pàmies Hortícoles facilities in August 2017, to meet up with them and also to find out about what to do.

He was able to bring back some plants to keep here, although it is a bit difficult. I have been lucky enough to use the plant continuously for months, even dried in infusions and what’s more, my son has since been able to find someone who grows the plants.

I applied it in the following way:
When I couldn’t use the fresh plants, I used it dried. I made concentrated infusions and with some cotton wool I wiped it over the eyelids of both my eyes twice a day. When I had the actual plants, I picked a few leaves, squeezed them with my fingers and wiped over my eyelids as well twice day, as Josep Pàmies explains in one of his videos. I started to do this in September 2017, until the end of December. I am now waiting to get some plants and start the treatment again.

The continued use of Celandine has had surprising effects on my eyes. I have recently had some eye tests and have been told that the cataracts have disappeared and that there is no scientific explanation for it. They couldn’t believe it, and what’s more, the spots from the vitreous detachment have cleared up quite substantially. My visual sharpness as a whole has improved in every way, and although I still wear glasses, they have changed the lens strength and I can see 120% better. I noticed the improvement before I had the tests, but the technical confirmation was given to me recently and that is why I want to share this. I am very grateful.

Carmen Marrero