Cancer of the kidneys with metastasis – Monterrey N.L. (México)

My name is Juan Enrique, I am 58 years old (December 2017), and I live in Mexico. I am here to tell you about my kidney cancer which was diagnosed last year.

7 January 2016: 14 cm bipolar tumour diagnosed in left kidney - Furhman grade IV, with 1.2 cm metastasis in right lung.

3 February 2016:  operation to remove left kidney.

7 March 2016: metastasis in right lung grows 40% to 1.7 cm, and another appears in left lung 0.5cm in size, as well as 2 retroperitoneal ganglions 2 cm in size.

12 March 2016: I start taking chemotherapy capsules for one week. My doctor tells me it is just a palliative treatment and that I should start putting my affairs in order. He has no hope for me getting better.

19 March 2016: I stop the chemotherapy and start using alternative treatments.

12 April 2016: tumour in left lung disappears, tumour in right lung reduces to over half its previous size. No change in the ganglions.

4 June 2016: tumour in right lung disappears, more than 75% reduction in size of retroperitoneal ganglions .

6 September 2016: all the tumours disappear.

11 March 2017: final analysis, completely free of cancer.

Treatment: 3 antigens (urine sediment) per week based on Dr. Salvador Capistrán's method; Kalanchoe draigremontiana mexicana and Kalanchoe gastonis combined, 20 grams daily; Graviola leaf tea, 3 cups per day; cleansing/detoxifying plants; alkaline diet; no salt or sugar; salt baths once a week.

Follow-up: I continue to take 20 grams of Kalanchoe per day and 1 antigen per week. I take extracts of detoxifying plans - dandelion, milk thistle, epilobio, nettle, and stevia

Food: I follow Dr. Alberto Martí Bosch's method: 3 days per week vegan, and the other days I eat normally with one animal-protein based meal per day.

Therapy: acupunture

Juan Enrique Guerra
DomínguezMonterrey N.L. (México)