Breast cancer – Mexico

My name is Brenda Macías, I am 39 (September 2017), and I live in Guanajuato (Mexico). Thanks to God and to kalanchoe, I am a cancer survivor.
Two years ago, I began to notice something wrong in my left breast, and found a small lump. I went to the doctor for a check-up and had an ultrasound. The doctor said it was a cyst and prescribed me some tablets, which I took for a time until they began to cause me problems - nausea and low lood pressure - and so I stopped taking them. I should mention that the lump would get bigger when my period was due, and once it was over it would get smaller again. Time went by until November 2015, when I began to have severe pain in my back and went back to see the doctor. I was prescribed hormones. In February 2016, I went to see a different doctor because the lump was growing and was not getting smaller after my periods. That's where it all began. I was immediately sent to a specialised medical centre for a three-dimensional ultrasound and a mammogram. Then I had a biopsy, but the result was inconclusive as there was not enough tissue sample. I decided to go and see a private oncologist who carried out an open biopsy, the result of which was: Stage 2 triple negative tumour. That was on 14th March 2016.
The previous month, in February I had already decided to change my diet to eliminate toxins and alkalinise my organism.
In my state of shock, I decided to research, read and investigate, and that's how I discovered Josep Pàmies. I sent him an email, and to my surprise, received a quick reply recommending that I take a plant called Kalanchoe, amongst others that would help to improve my health. I was rather anxious as I could not find the plant in my area, so I looked on Facebook and found a kind person who gave me some Kalanchoe seedlings, leaves and adult plants.
I started to take kalanchoe raw, in infusions, and in juices. I also used it in poultices.
I began to have chemotherapy on 25th May 2016, and finished in September of the same year.
The prognosis provided by a second doctor (oncologist) when he examined me for the first time was rather disheartening, as although the previous tests had shown a Stage 2 tumour, this doctor went as far to say that there was advanced stage metastasis. I felt awful - confused and rather devastated and didn’t want to take his word for it. Despite that, he sent me for further tests the results of which showed that the tumour was still the same size and that the cancer had become encapsulated. After the second chemotherapy, the tumour had started to become gelatinous and my skin tone was less red and began to return to a normal colour.
The doctors were surprised and didn’t know how such a successful outcome could have resulted from just two chemo sessions (but I knew – it was the Kalanchoe). And so my life went on, taking Kalanchoe, turmeric, moringa and lots of other super foods. After the third chemo session, I no longer had a tumour, but carried on with the chemotherapy until September. Then on 1st November, I had my left breast removed and underwent radiotherapy from February (2017) until 7th March.
I am still taking Kalanchoe – every morning for a month I chew two raw leaves, and then have a week’s break before starting again. I know that the Kalanchoe was essential to the success of my treatment and cure, as was the alkaline diet and positive attitude.
I now run a group called Medicinal Kalanchoe Mexico, along with a supplier and a few friends. We support people by giving them plants and sharing our testimonials, and we help set them up with potential suppliers in their local areas: this makes me very happy. I hope this account gives hope to many people; you need to know that cancer is no longer synonymous with death.

Brenda Macías
Guanajuato (México)