Cancer of the colon – Lérida

My name is Paquita, I am 43 (December 2017), and I live in Lérida.

My mother-in-law is 72 years old. In 2006, she was diagnosed with a tumour in her chest which she overcame with an operation and chemotherapy. At the beginning of 2017, her husband died – his illness and hospitalisation had weighed heavy on her and it was a lot to deal with. I have to say, her diet was very bad: milk products, fried food, pork, cold meats, balsamic vinegar, condensed milk, not many vegetables, and too many cooked foods.

She had a blood test because it had been a while since she had had it checked, and it turned out she had anaemia. On 7th June, she underwent a colonoscopy and malignant polyps were found. We did not hesitate to go to Balaguer, where we saw Aleix (Pàmies) who advised the following: kalanchoe, the plant mix for cancer (yarrow, marigold and nettle), and a change in diet. My mother-in-law followed his advice to the letter, until the day of her operation on 22nd June, after which she could only take the kalanchoe as she was unable to digest the herbal tea. On 18th July, the oncologist told us that there was no need for radiotherapy or chemotherapy, that everything looked good and there was no sign of any tumour. On that day she stopped taking the kalanchoe. The oncologist told us of her surprise at what had happened, as normally patients have to have the chemotherapy.

At the moment, my mother-in-law is not taking any remedies, she has greatly improved her diet, and she feels completely recovered.

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