Breast cancer – 5

My name is Carmen, I am 69 years old and on October 16th, 2015, I noticed a depression on my right breast.On the 21st, I had an ultrasound, followed by a biopsy, given the high probability of it being a tumour.

On the 26th it was confirmed that I had a malignant tumour about 2 cm large (reproductive rate of 30%).

After this, I spent three weeks having all kinds of tests performed on me to be sure and to know exactly what kind of tumour it was, where it was, etc.

I had another ultrasound, an MRI, a bone scintigraphy, an abdominal ultrasound and a chest radiography.In this process, they discovered that I had another tumour barely 3 mm large, 2 cm away from the first.All these tests were definitive in detecting this second tumour, which might have otherwise not been seen.

The doctor told me to take hormone therapy (oestrogen inhibitor) for 2 weeks, after which I would be operated on and the 2 tumours would be removed.After that, we would consider the need for chemotherapy, radiotherapy ...

The news of having CANCER (I write it in capital letters because when this is confirmed, it is a very heavy word and you do not see it in lower case) along with all the medical tests, bureaucracy, displacements, fatigue, sadness, helplessness and a long etc.was very hard to get through.

It was then, just at the beginning of all the tests, that I was lucky to meet a person who works with the Dolça Revolució.It was a “meeting” of a couple of hours and everything changed.I was explained that there were many things that were in my hands.Somehow, I felt that I was responsible for my own health.And everything changed:

- I changed my diet to an alkaline diet: no dairy products, no red meat or sugar among other things.

- I started to take 3 shakes a day with different fruits and vegetables + turmeric, ginger and pepper.

- Graviola, boswellia and artichoke capsules

- Nettle, calendula and yarrow infusions

- Seawater (small sips throughout the day)

- Pure aloe vera (mixed with water)

On November 26th, they operated on me and took away the 2 tumours.Once the tumours’ analysis results were ready, the doctor called me personally to tell me that he was really surprised.The reproductive rate had virtually disappeared in those weeks.It had dropped from 30% to 2%.He even asked me to see a colleague to “show my case” as it was so unusual.

Given that I had had 2 tumours, I would be given radiotherapy for 3 weeks, which was the minimum.

The doctor literally told me that I had hit the jackpot.That I was privileged and that I had been very lucky.

Today, February 2nd, 2016, I finish radiotherapy.

I am still following an alkaline diet, taking everything I’ve listed above and also kalanchoe, magnesium and Swedish bitter (in smoothies).

I know I am truly privileged and I’ve been very, very lucky to find this family at the time when I needed it most.


Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona)



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