Breast cancer-3

Hi, I am a woman, I live in Argentina, I am 46 years old and I've been a smoker until a year ago. In May 2013 a mammogram control detected me a small tumor. Immediately I stopped smoking and I don't want to do it again. I had surgery after a month of this, it was extracted and studying markers said it was a little aggressive tumor, with low growth, not recessive, hormone-like. Anyway, for prevention, they treated me with radiotherapy, some 33 sessions. I loosed a lot of weight because due to emotional shock I would not eat anything…


I had surgery after a month, and markers of studying extracted said it was a little aggressive tumor, with low growth, not recession, hormone-like. Anyway, for prevention, they treated me with radiotherapy,  33 sessions. I had lost a lot of weight because due to emotional shock I couldn't eat anything. They said me  it was very good to have lost weight because fat for these tumors is a breeding ground, but I had to be careful to not weaken much. They suggested me to making all the res of my life taking a chemical called tamoxifen, but after analyzing a lot, I discuss it with my oncologist and my family I decided not to take it because I would generated  me a lot of mistrust.


I have been taking kalanchoe from October to March this year. The took a month and I rested 15 days, or I was taking two consecutive months and rested a week, I was very visceral in my dosage of kalanchoe ... with taking kalanchoe, in the sense that if amid a break I felt I needed to consume it did, perhaps for a week and then rested. I took the kalanchoe small chopped with orange juice in the morning. When the plants were small eating two or three leaves, when they were larger took 30 grams daily. Now the last time I took it was last Autumn for a month.


After several checks, with excellent results, I have been suggested to take it in the beginning of autumn and spring, and I will. We have at home two varieties: the pinnatta kalanchoe and daigramontiana, the latter is the most consumed from me.


In recent checks of mammography and breast ultrasound corresponding to the year of operation, some cysts that were on my breasts since I was 20 years old and until this last check, had completely disappeared, there was no sign of them!

Since the operation I also take acupuncture sessions of pulse and have also taken various dyes, such as tincture of echinacea and graviola. I also took a blood purifying mixture with tincture of calendula, yarrow and nettle. It took about 20 drops each day. I wanted to take them to finish but I was told it was not necessary to my state because I have good health, so the left and after a rest I returned to  take and I have not yet finished.

In the beginning I didn't want to eat anything because I felt that everything was poisoned, but then I was achieving a balance and now I'm tending to healthy food, but if you invite me to a barbecue or to have an ice cream or if there is only pizza in a meeting with friends I eat and drink without remorse.


I'm reading an interesting book on food and blood groups and I have found there some answers and I have understand after much reading theories and opinions and several studies, the connection with the body, learn to listen it is very important.


Controls were once every two months and now are every 4. In the present I take graviola and when I will spend all I will rest and I will take echinacea  again, that is my favorite plant. I will take kalanchoe  again in spring and I'm growing plants to help those who may need. I also worked very hard working in psychological therapy and me with my family have  resolved a sharp and dramatic change of lifestyle, back to the roots, the contact with the earth and with our being, in addition to feeding my family they agrees it es more healthful now.

News of malignancy hit me like a bomb. Now I'm coming back to the security and to be myself , although there are substantive changes that are forever.


It is important to attend our body and our soul. Finding a way to complete healing will take us to the last of our days. The truth is that for me, beyond it was awful how this change came into our lives, I have to admit that many positive things were born and cured from such a shock.

I hope that this testimony will be useful ,  open perceptions and good thoughts for healing path. We must be our own doctors.

July 2014