Breast cancer-2

My name is Irene, I am 42 years old and 10 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had to undergo a breast extirpation and then I followed the protocol of 6 sessions of chemo plus 4 other experimental treatment sessions, finishing with 25 radio session.

To all this I wanted to add to my treatment alternative medicine with the intention of alleviate the side effects. By this I started taking a preparation of Aloe Vera with honey. I took  3 tablespoons spread over the day: 1 tablespoon before breakfast, lunch and dinner

for about 10 days. Resting after this for 15 days and returned to take it again. It was until I finished chemo treatment. Aloe also served me for my skin, rubbing the pulp of aloe in the treatment area I had only a minor burn because the radio that healed within days.


Now for maintenance dose I only take this prepared in  each entry season (spring, summer, autumn and winter). Apart from the aloe I  also do a Tibetan garlic cure based repeated every 5 years. Below I detail the preparation of aloe and cure of garlic.

The result of all this was excellent and, until today, all revisions have gone well. I can also give the assurance of my father who was diagnosed two years ago with a tumor in his stomach. In the beginning, they would remove it but he started taking this preparation and this latest revision the oncologist congratulated him  of how well he was.

With this testimony I want to mention that we have many natural remedies witch can help us to cure or stop at least alleviate the side effects that are sometimes worse than the disease.

A greeting.

Preparation of aloe vera:

Remove the skin of a large piece of aloe (must have more than five years).

Put aloe in a bowl, a shot of whiskey or similar and 1/2 kg of honey. Beat everything together.

Cure made with garlic:

It is deposited on a glass 350g minced garlic along with 200ml of alcohol 95 ° (the spirits). The pot is sealed and will get into the refrigerator for 10 days, on the 11th it will filter all in a very fine strainer with cheesecloth. Put back in the same glass the liquid obtained and put in the fridge another 2 days. At the end of the two days the drug is ready to start taking it as follows.

Droplets with a little milk or water are mixed before meals begin using the following table:



You will continue to take 25 drops three times a day until you finish the bottle, the therapy can not be repeated within 5 years.

Irene (Alicante)

November 2012