Breast Cancer-1

A Maria Isabel was 47 years old in February of 2007 she was diagnosed with breast cancer called "invasive ductal carcinoma". The tumor is about 3 cm in diameter.

Upon completion of the test, which lasts 21 days, it undergoes an MRI to check the drug 's effects. Result is that the tumor has not reduced at all, it has even grown a little more. In April of the same year starts the chemotherapy sessions that last until September. While chemo began also she began to take Kalanchoe daigremontiana (aranto) plant. The dose is a peace of middle leaf size per day, taken in fresh, finely chopped and mixed in salads. Some days, due to the side effects of chemotherapy, which among others, make the patient can not eat anything, no plant is taken.

In October of 2007  they operate her and the results could not be better if we consider that it was a large tumor: the tumor has shrunk by half, the extracted tumor margins are completely clean of malignant cells and analyzed lymph from the armpit have no cancer cell.

Currently she is passing the periodic inspection as of today everything is going positively