I have been asthmatic since I was 9 years old and I am 52 now. I have been taking medication almost my whole life without solving the problem. Anything lead to an asthma attack: laughing, running, a fright or even noticing,out it the street, that I had forgot my Ventolin.

In 2001 I started a daily treatment based on Seretide, Aerius and an antihistamine. I moved from having always a cold to being able to run more than an hour, breathing as I had never breathed before. Everything seemed to go well, I thought I had definitively solved asthma. I was taking cortisone everyday, though...

Two years ago, I had a problem in my left eye retina and I almost lost vision. Now, three surgeries later, I have recovered 2/10 of vision, I still have a pretty distorted view. I had always believed that there had been a relation between having had to take cortisone during 10 years and the retinal detachment. My ophthalmologist says there isn’t, but when I told my pulmonologist he said that it might have been some sort of relation - really imprecisely, though.

Just before the first eye surgery, the anesthesiologist commented that I should give up taking all that “rubbish for asthma”, in his words. After that, he explained to me that his son had also had asthma and that pulmonologists – in his opinion – were giving a very aggressive medication which didn’t heal asthma but make it chronic instead.

That happened a little more than two years ago and that very same day I stopped taking all the medication for asthma. Since then I take 3 or 4 chopped garlic together with a glass of water each morning. This last year I have also been taking diluted sea water (around 120 cubic centimeters, half of a big glass) and, when I have the chance, also a second at noon and a third in the afternoon, which would make a total of around 375 or 400 cubic centimeters per day. I live in the south of France and we take the sea water from the rocky coast and use it also for cooking.

I have never had asthma again, not even those whistling sounds, especially common when you get into bed. I have never had another cold again. I don’t know if it is the garlic or the sea water or maybe both, but I feel really good. I never left home without a Ventolin in my pocket and another two or three in the car, just in case. Now I don’t even carry them anymore.

I thank you for your task and I hope it can help other people.


February 2013