Over two years ago I was diagnosed as an allergy-related with asthma and I was prescribed a drug with cortisone. I took it for a few months, but the cough and mucus was not much relieved. I stopped the medication and started taking the Perilla. For two months I was taking two infusions daily: in the half of the morning, after breakfast and another one after lunch or dinner depending on the day. The amount of floor was a tablespoon in a quart of water for two daily infusions. It was a little strong, but I sweetened it with honey.

Since I started taking Perilla I have not used the drug. To this I add that I try to follow a diet with very little meat, fish and milk and more vegetables and fruit (and if I can get ecological better).

It's about 7 months I don't have more coughing, but I still have a little mucus. I hope this coud be  helpful to others.

Joana  Serra

March 2013