Alopecia Areata

Four years ago my uncle died unexpectedly, causing me a great impact. In addition, it coincided with a time of hard work and stress. The result: it was born a bald spot on my head with the size of a coin.

It began to grow and grow and I went to the doctor who prescribed me various external  applications that produced no results. At the end bald was so big and doctors  pricked me several times and hair came out again. But the problem continued because another  bald appeared elsewhere in the head  while the first were closing. Good thing was that hair growed up after resting, so waiting I managed it. The doctor at the end " registered me" because he had no more solution for me. And so I spent four years: hair was falling, and then grew from a  bald . So throughout all my head always any bald  somewhere. My despair was total, it looked like it would never end.

Looking for a remedy in your web, I found a witness who lit me a glimmer of hope. The testimony of Angel L.Portilla on psoriasis and sagebrush.

When doctors do not know fix often they say that it is "autoimmune" and my problem was more like a mismatch of my autoimmune system, because the hair had no trouble growing but it fell for no apparent reason. So I applied the sagebrush infusion remedy:

"Infusion of sagebrush for 9 days, two infusions per day, before breakfast and before dinner. Resting for 10 days and repeating another 9 days."

Since then it has not come out any bald more and today it's been eight months. Currently I do not take anything, but I try to have a healthy and full board alimentation.

I'm so happy I want to share my experience with who could e interested, because the cure works and because doctors have no solution to this problem.


Sara López

January 2015